Tuesday, 11 March 2014

YaDD network Logging

I'm using a Beta Version of YaDD from Dirk Claessens which now includes the ability to send all received messages across the network (LAN or Internet) to a central logging server.

This collates all the messages from multiple copies of YaDD into one text file for processing outside of YaDD itself, and from this has developed a small web-site, running on a Linux PC in my shack:

GM4SLV DSC Online Logging

I've written a Linux Shell Script which reads the collated log from multiple receivers (up to 8 have been connected at any time) and creates filtered views of the logs.

It's still very much work in progress, and I can't see an easy way of moving it to an off-site webserver and to retain the functionality, so it stays in-house for now.

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