Tuesday, 20 August 2013

MB7IZE 2m Internet Gateway

I've obtained a NoV to run an unattended simplex internet gateway - using the callsign MB7IZE. All 2m gateways are MB7Ixx so I chose "ZE" for "Zetland".

Currently I'm allowed 2W ERP on 144.9625MHz, with 77Hz CTCSS.


I'm using an FT-817 feeding a small colinear on the roof, and coverage is "limited" to say the least.

Very few main roads are covered, once I get a couple of miles from home there are only a few local high-spots with a path on 2m. I may do some tests on 10m and 6m to see if things improve, and of so I can apply for additional frequencies on the NoV.

The main purpose is to experiment with internet linking in general, rather than provide a useful service to local amateurs - mainly due to the difficult terrain and the sparse population.

Currently I have the link connected to Echolink, as MB7IZE-L, node number 887159 and I try to keep a 2m handheld close by while I'm at home and in range.

The NoV allows the gateway to be used by any other stations, so if anyone's passing the West Side of Shetland, from Bixter towards Walls, or Twatt to Clousta and possibly Aith, give it a try.

With a DTMF keypad you can check the status and initiate connections to other Echolink nodes. For a full list of DTMF commands see :


Briefly :

*                     Play Station Ident
08                   List current connections

To connect to a remote node simply type the node number. A busy one to try are the *IRELAND" conference (2605) which is a general ragchew channel - with stations connected from many locations around the world.

#                   Disconnect the last node the connected
##                 Disconnect all nodes

Currently the station identifies every 10 minutes in morse code.

Any remote stations - feel free to connect - you probably won't hear much activity, but give a CQ call or call me personally (GM4SLV) - if I'm in range I'll reply.


  1. I have an NoV to run an attended Echolink node. I thought about uusing my FT-817 but I found it ran very hot even on low power. So I would keep an eye on the heatsink temperature. My Kenwood D710 is designed for Echolink use and has a fan that runa sll the time during transmitting.

  2. Hello Julian, nice to hear from you. Yes I've noticed the 817 gets warm and I'll replace it with something more substantial soon - I have an old Simoco PRF10 that would be ideal for the job, once I get round to it, I'll need to build an interface box to use its external audio/ptt connections. Its normal operating mode is as a repeater, but it has I/O for connecting to private wires/PBX etc. The total lack of activity here will probably mean the 817 is rarely stressed though, and I can always point an old PC fan at it if necessary! Hope to bump into you one day on the air.